Chennai police have arrested Sandalwood hero Duniya Vijay in connection with the investigation of the death of two stuntmen during the shooting of his movie Masthigudi.

The police arrested Duniya Vijay near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He has been charged with interfering in the police investigation of the case at Chennammanakere Police Station.

Ramanagar Junior Magistrate First Class Court (JMFC) issued a warrant against the director Nagashekhar and producer Sundar against the death of actors Anil and Uday who drowned during the shooting of a stunt scene as safety was not provided to them.

The Tavarekere police had gone to Sundar's house to arrest him. But on hearing the news, Vijay arrived there and stopped Sundar from getting arrested. As he was arguing with the police, Sundar managed to escape.

Thus Vijay has been charged with helping Sundar escape even though the police had an arrest warrant against him.

However, later Sundar said that his mother Sunanda was ill and promised the police to come to the station himself, once his mother recovers.

Meanwhile, head constable of Channammanakere, Acchukattu had filed a complaint that Duniya Vijay interrupted their duty and sought permission to arrest Duniya Vijay too, who was apparently hiding at a resort.

Following this, an arrest warrant was issued against Vijay and Chennai police have arrested him.