The Facebook post by a Mangaluru girl in which she narrated the harrowing experience of being followed by a youth on scooter while walking along the road has led to the arrest of the culprit.

Rizwan (29), the owner of the scooter and a resident of Jeppu near Mangaluru, was arrested on June 30, police said.

Mangaluru city police had registered a suo motu case against a youth who harassed Rashmi Shetty. Walking from Aloysius Degree College to Balmatta, Rashmi was followed by the youngster on his scooter on June 25.

Not taking things lying down, the 22-year-old decided to shame her harasser and also expose his doings on social media. She wrote about the incident in a Facebook post, which was read widely and shared as well. The post included her harasser’s vehicle's number plate as well. But now the post has been removed.

Incidents like this have become commonplace in India  and women have increasingly taken to social media platforms to shame and name harassers and attackers, because of the power of the medium. In this case, the police were spurred to action because of her post going viral, but in many cases the  women lodge complaints in the police station and are often harassed in return.

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