A man wrote a death note and sent it by WhatsApp to his wife’s sister and hanged himself. He has stated that he was hurt by his wife’s infidelity and was tortured by her brothers for questioning it, reported Kannada Prabha.

Anthony Robert (24) sent the death note to his sister in law Sushma and hanged himself on November 9.  A case has been registered at HAL police station. Based on the complaint lodged by Anthony’s father and the death note his wife Prabha, her mother Mary and brothers Anand, Raju and Kiran have been arrested. Anand Reddy, resident of Whitefield, Prabha’s alleged lover, has also been arrested for abetting the suicide, said HAL police.

Robert hailed from Arasikere and fell in love with Prabha of Old Hubli and they got married 4 years’ ago. They have a 3-year-old son. The family was living in Whitefield and Prabha had an illicit relationship with their neighbour Anand Reddy. On coming to know of it Robert had changed their residence to old Hubballi. But there Prabha’s mother and brothers started harassing him. A hurt Robert wrote a letter to his father and confided in him. About 15 days ago his father had called Robert home to HAL and through a friend got him a job.

Robert wrote a three-page letter detailing Prabha’s illicit relationship and the torture he endured from her mother and brothers. He also said that he loves his wife very much and cannot live without her. He said by his death nothing can be accomplished but at least the guilty should be punished.

Complaints have been registered against the 6 based on the letter as well as a complaint by Robert’s father.