A male nurse who sexually abused an American citizen admitted into a hospital in the pretext of treating her has been sentenced to 25 years by the 7th Additional District and Sessions Court on Wednesday, reported Kannada Prabha.

Sumith (26) of Malavalli, Mandya district, was working as a nurse at a private hospital on Mysuru-Bengaluru road. A 21 year old woman had come from the US for studies on tribals to Mysuru. On Nov 4, 2015 she fell sick and got admitted into a private hospital. Sumith had sexually abused her in the pretext of treating her. She had lodged a complaint with N R Police station and the police had investigated and filed an FIR to court.

The Seventh JMFC Court was investigating the court when the woman had to return to US as her Visa had expired. The court had taken special permission from the High Court to conduct inquiry via video conference. Sumith’s crime was proved and he has been sentenced to 25 years and slapped a fine of Rs 15,000 on him.