An autorickshaw driver rammed his vehicle into an old man walking in Majestic, injuring him severely. The man was suffering on the road for at least half-an-hour with his head bleeding, but no one helped him, instead took videos of the ailing man.

An old man was trying to cross a road near Majestic bus stop when an autorickshaw driver raced towards the man and rammed his vehicle. Notwithstanding the force, the man fell on the road, and his head was severely injured.

The autorickshaw driver left his auto and fled the place. The accident attracted many people in the busy majestic area, but no one came to help the old man. Instead, they were seen videographing the man crying for help.

However, hearing the news about the man's injury, the Upparpet Police rushed to the place and got him admitted to the local hospital, where he was given first aid.

As he suffered severe injuries to his head, he was later shifted to Nimhans and is being treated in the ICU.

The police do not have much information about the old man but have said that he is from Channapattana. The incident has occurred in the Upparpet Police Station Limits.

It looks like the madness for clicking photographs and video of the ailing people instead of helping them is the 'boon' of the smartphones. As these smartphones have advanced features, more the people will distance themselves from reality and get addicted to the virtual world.