The shocking number of deaths of new borns at the Sri Narasimharaja District Hospital in Kolar is being attributed to the lack of sufficient ventilators and the shortage of doctors. As many as 33 babies have died in the last three months in this hospital alone, ironically regarded as the best neo-natal care by the Unicef.

Parents panicked when three babies died within 24 hours on Tuesday, and they blamed it on the negligence of the hospital administration and the negligence of the doctors for the death of their babies. A relative told Suvarna News that the hospital lacked enough number of ventilators in the neo-natal care. Quoting a hospital staff, the relative told Suvarna News that the hospital staff themselves have admitted that there are no enough doctors to treat the babies. "We don't have enough doctors here, or the duty doctors have gone on leave. Get a doctor to treat your baby," is how they react, reports Suvarna News quoting the relative of the baby.

It may be recalled here that the doctors have refuted these charges blaming the low weight, malnutrition and medical abnormalities for the death of infants.  The Kolar tragedy is being compared to the Gorakhpur tragedy in Uttar Pradesh where at least 100 children died, last week.

Meanwhile, chief minister Siddaramaiah has sought a report on the tragic deaths of infants at the hospital. Incidentally, the incidents have occurred in the home district of Health Minister K Ramesh Kumar.