Just buy a ticket and take your dogs, cats, birds and other pets with you in the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus. According to the new luggage policy released last week, a decision has been taken to allow people to bring their pets along with them while travelling in these buses.

Reports reveal that the corporation was receiving complaints from passengers that the bus crew refused to allow pets on the public vehicle. Now the corporation has decided to collect fare on par with passengers for pets travelling by these buses.

One will have to pay full ticket for the grown-up dog in the bus. But the rates become half if you are carrying a cat, rabbit or any bird as your pet. The owner should take complete responsibility of the pet not causing any harm to the crew and fellow passengers and no damage to the luggage of other passengers.

If the pet weighs more than 30 kg, the owner will have to pay extra apart from a full ticket. The owner has to take a half ticket (ticket price for a child) for other pets like cats, rabbits, birds that usually come under 15 kg category.

If there is more than the specified limit of luggage (including suitcases, bags), the owner will be charged an additional amount of Rs 10 per unit (for every additional 20 kg) for every 6.5 km distance. In case of non-availability of a weighing machine before boarding, the crew has been asked to make an estimation and fix the fare.