Karnataka man drags Vaastu agency to court after daughters remain unmarried, despite promises

First Published 17, Oct 2017, 12:22 PM IST
Karnataka man drags Vaastu agency to court after daughters remain unmarried despite promises
  • Mahadev Dudilal, the complainant, said that the agency had promised him positive changes in the household.
  • The agency had also charged him Rs 11,600 for the consultation.
  • However, despite spending Rs 5 lakh in the renovation of the house, his daughters continued to remain unmarried.

Mahadev Dudilal, an employee of a legal firm in Vijayapura in North Karnataka, dragged a Vaastu agency to court after it failed to bring positive changes in his household. About 2 years ago, he contacted a Vaastu agency for advice who charged him a consultation fee of Rs 11,600. He was seeking their help to ward off evil vibes and get his daughters married.

The Vaastu agency advised him to remodel his house as per Vaastu to ward off evil forces that were preventing the marriage of his daughters. Following their instructions, he spent Rs 5 lakh and renovated the house. However, his daughters remained unmarried even after a year, despite the agency's promises that they would be married within 3-8 months.

He, then decided to approach the Vijayapura District Consumer Forum for redress. There, he filed a case of unfair trade practices and deficiency of service under the Consumer Protection Act. When the district forum said that the issue was not under their purview, he approached the State consumer forum. The case is pending there. He is also planning to file a police case against the agency for cheating.

Pradeep Anantapur, the man's advocate, speaking to the Deccan Chronicle said, "any person or company doing business for a commercial purpose is liable for punishment if he provides shoddy service or product. The Vaastu agencies should also be held responsible for deficiency in service."