Sanjeev Kumar, the State Chief Election Officer has shown his displeasure over the absenteeism of the election duty workers. He said 1500 workers have asked for leave giving excuses.

Sanjeev Kumar stated in the press conference held on Tuesday that 1500 workers are not working due to various reasons. They have been listed and stringent measures are taken against them. There is no problem in places other than Bengaluru.

"In Bengaluru alone 1,500 election duty workers have applied for leave of absence giving terrible excuses. If there is no solid reason for their absence, stringent action would be taken against them," Sanjeev said. He added that there is a law to arrest such defaulters if they try to escape doing their duty. There are 2,100 election officers in BBMO jurisdiction and 8,278 booth level officers. Out of this 1,500 have not attended the training. The Election Commission has taken this very seriously and is planning to take proper action.