“All the preparations for the ensuing legislative assembly elections to be held on May 12  in the four constituencies in Bengaluru rural are in full swing,” said the Additional District Officer Dr. R. Prashanth while talking about preparation by the district administration for the Assembly Elections.

49 candidates  in the fray for 4 district  legislative assembly constituencies

Speaking to the press on Monday he said, “In Magadi constituency 10 candidates, Ramanagara constituency 13 candidates, in Kanakapura constituency 11 candidates, and in Kanakapura constituency 15 candidates and in Channapattana constituency 15 candidates are contesting which totals to 49”.

Staff allocation

6680 officers and staff ( PRO, APRO and PO)are allocated to work in the four constituencies of the four election centres of the district.

1956 officers in Magadi Legislative constituency, 1676 in Ramnagara Legislative constituency, 1488 in Kanakapura Legislative constituency and 1560 in Channapattana Legislative constituency have been appointed to work.

Officers are working 24/7 to monitor violation of model code of conduct and to report them to control room. Control rooms have been set up in all the 4 district Legislative constituencies.

Phone numbers:   Citizens can the following numbers to lodge any complaints: Toll-free number of the office of the  District Election Officer: 180014256106, 182- Magadi Legislative constituency: 080-27745651, 183- Ramanagara Legislative constituency: 080-27271229, 184-Kanakapura Legislative constituency 080-27522442 and 185-Channapattana Legislative constituency: 080-27251765

 He added all the officers who are appointed to work in the election centres were given training on April 22. Second phase of training would be given on May 4 at the jurisdiction of their Constituency.

Notice of Postal Voting

Notice has been sent to the staff who have been appointed for the election centres to collect the postal ballot papers and fill up form -12 along with the voters ID and order copy of the appointment and submit the concerned election officers before May 2.

Prashanth said, “In the four constituents under the jurisdiction of the district, 60 centres have been made ready for webcasting and Pink centres have been opened for those centres where women voters are in large numbers."

Any untoward incidents would be dealt with without any mercy


DY  SP A.B. Rajendra Kumar told during the rowdy parade held at the Ambedkar sports ground, to curtail any unhealthy incident during the elections and to maintain peaceful and safe elections. He said that stringent actions will be taken against the people who intend to disturb the election procedures. He rounded up 106 rowdies in Nelamangala town, Madanayanahalli, Thyamagoundlu Police station, and Dabaspete police station paraded them and warned them against taking part in any illegal and criminal activities.