These are the five best gifts Siddaramaiah has given to the people of Karnataka in the Budget 2017:


1)    Age of retiring for private company employees raised from 58 to 60 years

But this rule will hardly have any effect in the private sector as most employees in this sector are appointed on contract basis. Despite this rule, private company owners can remove employees from work whenever they want.


2)    Fixing of price of tickets in multiplexes to maximum of Rs 200

This is really good news for the movie lovers. But the theatre owners are expected to stage against this rule, and we will have to wait and watch if this will be implemented properly.


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3)    Multiplexes should screen Kannada movies from 1 pm to 7.30 pm

This is again good news for the Kannada filmmakers and Sandalwood. But this will put a check on the English and other language movies. Will this make all people in Karnataka happy? Only time will tell.


4)    3,000 new buses in Bengaluru including 150 electric buses

This allocation is expected to reduce the traffic problem in Bengaluru. But people, who have been depending on private vehicles, will have to board the public transport to make this effective. But if the bus travel proves to be comfortable, more people might opt public transport.


5)    Ban on two-stroke auto rickshaws

No auto rickshaws will travel in Bengaluru from April 1. This will reduce air as well as sound pollution in Bengaluru. This step has been welcomed by the people, but auto rickshaw drivers want some more time to get adhere to changes.