According to a Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Development (RDPR) survey, close to 232 areas in the state don't have a single PU pass student. Moreover, the Department of Collegiate Education found that 2,070 ‘areas’ had zero graduates. These alarming figures got the state authorities on their toes and got the Pre-university Department scampering for action plans to get the students to college. The organisation will implement the plan only after verifying the figures itself.

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, PUE director C Shikha said, "If students are not clearing PU examinations, then how will they move to the graduation level." She further added, "This process started when we had a joint meeting along with the Commissioner of Department of Collegiate Education. There we drew up a plan to identify and motivate students from these villages to proceed further in their educational pursuit.”

“For a student to move to graduation, it is just that s/he should complete SSLC and PU. If that base itself is lacking, then it is a tough task. That is why we have asked authorities to first find out if this is the exact number and then we will start implementing our plans."

Discussing the plan of action, Shikha further said that teachers and organisers have been asked to identify the number of students who have passed SSLC and offer them to study for PU in private and sit for the next year exams. The number of students who have dropped out also needs to be identified and they should be counselled to come back. Academicians call it a good move, but insist that the strategy should be implemented within the next academic year and that there was no point in delaying it. Speaking of the zero PU passout numbers in the 232 areas, the director further said, "They have all the facilities provided by the government. From buspass to classrooms, what is lacking is awareness among these students. So, this whole exercise is all about creating an awareness to the students towards higher education.”