Kannada actress clarifies on sex scandal video with Dayananda Swami

karnataka | 26 October 2017 0:42 PM (UTC)
suman priya
  • The actress who was alleged to be in the intimate video with seer Dayananda Swami said that the video might have been morphed
  • 'I am not the girl in the video,' she told Suvarna News
  • She has also told that she doesn't know any Dayananda Swami 

The actress who was alleged to be in the intimate video with Dayananda Seer of Hunasamaranahalli Samsthana Peetha has clarified that her name is being dragged in the matter and the video might have been morphed.

The actress clarifying to Suvarna News said that the girl in the video is not her. The video might have been morphed. I don't even know who Dayananda Swami is, she said.

Earlier, it was claimed that the actress was demanding money from the seer. He had promised her good amount of money, and when he failed to do so, she had recorded their intimate moments and had made arrangements to release the video to threaten and malign the seer.

But now the actress has refuted all the charges and said that she had nothing to do with the sex CD and asked the media not to drag her name into it.

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Meanwhile, people barged into the Mutt premises at Yelahanka in Bengaluru and started banging the door of the Mutt entrance. However, it is speculated that the accused seer is hiding inside the Mutt.

The people and devotees have demanded that the seer be sent out of the mutt and that they will not allow him to take charge of the mutt as his  father (who is the current chief) wanted to be.

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