Haveri’s Kaginele Guru Peetha seer Niranjananandapuri who has been publicly opposing the stands taken by Udupi Pejawara Swamy is visiting the Udupi mutt for the first time on Nov 12. He is participating in the State-level Kanaka Jayanthi programme organised at Udupi. He said he will see the Krishna idol from the Kanakana Kindi and not from the main door. In an exclusive interview to Kannada Prabha, he shared his thoughts about various issues related to Krishna mutt and Kanaka Guru Peetha. 

seer Niranjananandapuri

After how many years you are visiting Udupi?

I had visited once when I took over the Kaginele Kanak Guru Peetha ten years ago and later there were no opportunities to visit. Now, Halumatha community has organised Kanaka Jayanthi and hence I am visiting.

Will you be going to the Krishna mutt to see Lord Krishna?

No, I will see Lord Krishna from the Kindi (window) through which Kanka saw and go directly to the programme. From wherever one sees it is the same Krishna isn’t it?

Any major decision you will take at Udupi?

I am deciding to start a branch of Kaginele Kanaka Guru Peetha at Udupi. I had decided to start a branch in Udupi soon after I took over the Guru Peetha. We did not get a place then. Now, after ten years I am visiting. We will definitely start a branch in Udupi.

But why did it take so long?

We had met Pejawara Swamy and asked for land. He had said that Krishna was a cowherd, Golla. Hence Yadavs are their followers. Now, Kanaka is Srikrishna’s devotee. Hence if Kanaka’s followers accept Madhwa philosophy, he would give land. How can that be? We believe in one philosophy can we change it because somebody is giving us land? We thanked Pejawara Swamy and returned.

You have openly supported Congress. Is there any political agenda behind this visit to Udupi?

There is no politics in this. Leaders of all parties are invited for the programme. There is no hidden political agenda in me going to Udupi and to the Kanaka Jayanthi.

Have you invited Pejawara Swamy to the Kanaka Jayanthi?

He is an elder and senior. I have not spoken to him directly. He is invited by the Mahasabha. He is presiding the programme that day.

Will you invite Pejawara Swamy to Kaginele?

On the occasion of 25th year of the Kaginele Gurupeetha, we are celebrating silver jubilee in Feb 2018. We will invite him to participate in the celebrations. We are also inviting seers of other mutts as well.

Will you be meeting and speaking to Pejawara Swamy at Udupi?

Udupi’s Kanakana Kindi is pious. The Kanakadasa idol there is not ignored. I am going to request him to take care of both with respect.