The demand for the State Government’s ambitious project Indira Canteen is becoming popular by the day. Especially canteens at the densely populated areas are more in demand, serving double the number of people compared to other canteens. 

In most of the Indira Canteens 1500 people are served daily but in K R Market canteen at Dharmarayaswamy Temple ward more than 3500 are served food. The next in line are Gandhinagara Ward canteen, Garudachar Palya Dodda Nekkundi, Marattahalli ward canteens are serving over 2000 daily and the demand is increasing.

The Indira Canteen at the signal of the K R Market, set up just a month ago, had huge demand from the very beginning and the demand is increasing by the day. Hence the supply was also increased. In the afternoon 1200 eat lunch and at night 1000 eat dinner. Almost all the coolies, poor traders and visitors to Victoria and Vani Vilas hospitals come here to eat.

At Majestic and Garudachar Palya, Dodd Nekkundi and Marattahalli around 700 eat lunch and over 500 eat dinner. Totally over 2000 plates are supplied but still people go back as the food gets over, said canteen staff.

The State Government had declared that Indira Canteen would be set up in all 198 wards but currently only 165 canteens are started. In 18 wards since lack of space mobile canteens are set up.  In the beginning 900 plates were supplied and from September 1200 to 1500 plates are being served. Now that the demand is increasing it will be increased to 1800 said BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad.

 At night in some canteens drunkards come and create trouble. Hence the staff are asking for security.