The JD(S) leader stand divided in their opinion about separate religious status for Lingayat. While the State President H D Kumaraswamy strongly expressed his opposition to the proposal stating if this is allowed other castes will start demanding separate religion status,  senior leader Basavaraja Horatti has said that he supports separate religion status to Lingayata, reported Kannada Prabha.

H D Kumaraswamy argued that  by declaring Lingayat as a separate religion, other castes may also follow suit and demand similar status. Even in Lingayats there are oppressed sections . Chief Minister Siddaramaiah may have agreed to recommend separate status with an intention that by declaring Lingayata as a separate religion and by getting a minority status, they will claim facilities. However, by seeing this other strong castes like Kurubas and Vokkaligas may also demand separate religion destroying the social fabric, he felt.

Currently, it is not clear if Lingayat will get separate religion status, even if it gets whether it will be declared minority is not clear,  but the debate is strong. All other community leaders are watching the developments with curiosity. If there are benefits to reap by declaring separate religion status, who will keep quiet? He asked.

The debate for separate religion status was existing since a long time. NO other government had responded positively for that. But now, Siddaramaiah’s government has not only responded positively but also is supporting it.  Hence it has become a serious issue.

There is a danger of dividing the society.  Siddaramaiah is sowing seeds of poison in the society only for political gains, he condemned.  He advised that Siddaramaiah should give up emotional issues like separate religion, State Flag and concentrate on real issues like drought.