Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy, under attack from the BJP over the alleged delay in fulfilling his pre-poll assurance to the farming community, met the farmers to go a step ahead in waiving off the loans. He said that there is no going back as the forbidden community is on top priority for this new Karnataka government. Thus he has sought 15 days time to sort out things and announce a proper loan waiver plan. Here are some points which will make you understand how the talk from complete loan waiver has changed to a conditional waiver of loans. 

1) Only the loans that are taken between April 1, 2009, and December 31, 2017, will be waived off.

2) Loans of farmers taken in Grameen Bank will be waived off

3) Loans of the elected members of any political party, will not be waived off

4) Agricultural loans of those who have used it for business purpose, will not be waived off

5) Loans of those who have been paying the tax for Rs 4 lakh from three years will not be waived off

6) Loans that are taken by the office bearers of cooperative banks who have 3 lakh annual income also will not be waived off

Lately, he also has been facing the brunt of the opposition for delaying his promise which also paved the way for a bandh supported by the BJP, that got a lukewarm response from the people across the state.