Launching a sudden strike and blocking roads through scores of women and children will no longer be quite so easy in Bengaluru. Karnataka is all set to debut an all-women task force - a first in the state's history. 

For the first time, Bengaluru's Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP), will induct a women's battalion. Some 107 women are being trained in combat, ambush, lathi charge, the use of arms like the self-loading rifle, jungle survival techniques, sign languages and many others skills. 

The final push to create such a force seems to have been the Mahadayi water agitation by farmers, where the police were accused of using male forces to roughly evacuate women protesters. 

This forced a serious rethink about the forces, and the decision was made to create a women reserve force in the police department for deployment during such protests.

In August last year, the first batch of 44 women, within the age limit of 27, were taken and trained at the Kangrahalli battalion in Belgavi. 63 more women were chosen in KSRP's 4th battalion at Bengaluru in February.

"The trainees are supposed to assemble at 6:15 am and the training consists indoors and outdoors sets. Seven rounds of running around the KSRP ground and various exercises will make them strong and help them stand long hours once they join duty. The other techniques like combat, wristwork to use lathi, understanding basic laws, use of walkie-talkies and computers will make them better and more confident after training," said G Sangeetha, 4th Battalion Commandment, KSRP, Bengaluru.
"The first women company will be inducted into KSRP after a flag march on April 3. They have been training to survive in tough conditions. Their training included surviving with only 5 litres of water for a day or two in the jungle. These women are trained to camouflage to escape from the enemy.   This force is very tough and once they get down during duty, they will charge at violent agitators," said a senior officer.