Usually, the government advertisements do not attract people. But every vehicle owner better gets attracted to this advertisement from the DCP Traffic East, else might end up paying a huge sum of money!


The advertisement says India believes in the phrase ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ which means a guest is nothing less than a God and is treated well.


Thus, if you park your vehicle in the no parking area, the police will tow your vehicle and keep it in their office premise as if it is their guest.


The fee that is fixed to get your vehicle back from the police station is given below.


The Heavy Transport Vehicles will have to pay Rs 1,500; car owners need to shell out Rs 1,000 and motorists keep Rs 650 ready if your vehicle has been towed.



Thus, it is better to park your vehicle at the place provided for vehicles and let not your vehicle be the guest in the hands of the traffic police.