Residents of Muneshwarnagar in Kolar district woke up to smooth road complete with neatly arranged slabs in front of every houses that covered the open drains, in all just one night, on Thursday. Just a day before, the road was in utter condition. The open drains in front of the houses were a common sight here. The authorities really did not bother to provide better amenities here, despite making repeated complaints.

But it did not take much time for the residents here to conclude why their locality was spruced up in just one night. They knew this was made "possible" with Nandini KR, who topped the UPSC examinations this year.

Till a few days ago, Muneshwarnagar was a non-descript village in Kolar town. But after Nandini became UPSC topper, the residents of the town have not stopped celebrating her success. Nandini's house is also in this small locality and from this humble town, Nandini went on to achieve her dreams, reports a news channel.

With Nandini's success, the locality has suddenly gained significance among the politicians who are now said to be making a beeline to her house, it is said. Also, a felicitation programme has been organised for Nandini in the locality and a few important personalities are expected to participate in it. To save its face, the Town Municipal Council has resorted to asphalt the road and beautify the locality.

But the residents have not taken kind to the local body's indifferent attitude. How did the Town Municipal Council managed to do it in one night? How did they invite tenders to do the task? Also, would it have been possible for an ordinary citizen, are the questions that people are asking now.