He was arrested by the HAL police for stealing nearly 100 laptops and selling them on online stores. The accused was picked up from a lodge in Majestic where he had been living with his friend and accomplice, Saravana (30). Saravana, an unemployed MBA graduate, would format the stolen laptops with pirated version and help Chethan sell them.

According to the police, Chethan's parents had disowned him after he was arrested for stealing laptop from a PG accommodation in 2013. He had been staying in a lodge since then.

Acting on the repeated complaints of missing laptops from HAL, the jurisdictional police inspected the CCTV cameras installed in the area. The footage showed Chethan frequently visiting a PG accommodation on a bike and even entering it.

He would rent out the bikes from Marathahalli. The registration number of one of the bikes led the police to the renting shop – from where Chethan would hire two-wheeler – and that's how they tracked Chethan, said the police. So far, the police have recovered 30 laptops.