Here's why Modi's critics must go fry an egg instead of playing pakoda politics

First Published 30, Jan 2018, 6:11 PM IST
Heres why Modis critics must go fry an egg instead of playing pakoda politics
  • In an attempt to bring the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi down, the Congress has been trying several methods to do so
  • The latest one being the pakoda politics
  • However, is this like many other political moves, completely unnecessary and just a reason to downplay the PM of the country?
  • Chai and pakoda play a key role in the politics of Congress and BJP

Unemployment in India is predicted to increase from 17.8 million in 2017 to 18 million in 2018, according to United Nations International Labour Organisation's report. Agreed that PM Modi promised 1 crore jobs in 2013. The pakoda statement of Mr Modi sure has triggered a storm in a tea cup. But maybe we also need to look at the fact that no leader so far has even mentioned the section at the bottom of the food chain literally that contributes to informal economy in this country.

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Perhaps it takes a chai wallah to know the true taste or rather the pain of its partner pakoda-wallah? And just the way these crunchy snacks add value to every sip of that tea, the street food vendors do so to the government headed by PM Modi. Well, just a thought!

Why are people spicing up the event. The Congress sure wants to play up pakoda politics, perhaps in the hope that they could make profit just the way BJP did with tea stalls. But, it's not everyone's cup of tea, is it? For now, let's just take a tea break... enjoy some chai and pakoda?