Ashitha Chandrappa, the Coorg lass, is slowly winning the hearts of people in the Bigg Boss Kannada season 5. She is a well--known face for the Kannada serial lovers as she has played the lead role in two mega serials- Jothe Jotheyali and Neeli.

But here are five facts you do not know about the actress-Bigg Boss contestant.

1) Born with silver spoon

Ashitha Nade was born in an affluent family in Coorg. She is the favourite of her father. Whatever she dreamt was in front of her, and she did not have to fight to get anything.

2) Father's desire

Her father wanted her to get married to someone settled in life and lead a happy, peaceful life. But that was not what Ashitha wanted.

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3) Ashitha's desire

Ashitha wanted to get out of the golden cage (the all affluent house) and wanted to live on her own terms, struggle and enjoy every little thing that she has earned.

4) The decision

Ashitha decided to accept the offer of acting in the lead role in a Kannada serial without the permission of her father. In fact, she had even angered and shocked her father with this. But the decision was made, and she faced every hurdle in this field and has come till Bigg Boss now.

5) What Ashitha wants

Ashitha now wants to make her father proud. She wants her father to be proud of her. With her being in the Bigg Boss she hopes that this dream of hers will be realised. She also wants to make a name in the Sandalwood.