Even after one year, lamp still burning, flower still fresh: Interesting facts about Hasanamba temple

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 2:29 PM IST
hasanamba temple interesting facts
  • Hasanamba temple opened its doors to devotees on October 12 and devotees can offer prayers for the next 10 days
  • For the rest of the year, the temple will be locked up
  • When the doors were opened after one year in 2017, one could find the lamp still burning and the flowers still fresh

Diwali may be after one week, but for the people of Hassan, it's already festival time. For, it's time to head to the historical Hasanamba temple to receive the blessings of the presiding deity, Hasanamba. Lest, they may have to wait to have the Goddess' darshan, only next year.

The temple which opens only once in a year during Diwali festival - only for a few days - attracts devotees from far and wide. On Thursday, around 12.30 pm, the temple opened its doors that were closed since last Diwali celebrations. The temple authorities found the lamp still burning which was lit last year and the flowers that had adorned the goddess, Hasanamba were still fresh, reports Suvarna News.

To meet the rush, for the first time, the district administration has made arrangements for the devotees to offer worship throughout the day to the deity. Except during the puja timings, the devotees will be allowed to have the darshan of the deity. The temple holds a special place for Kannadigas as it is believed that it is the place of miracles. This year, the temple will be open for ten days.

Here are some interesting facts about the Hasanamba temple

  • As per the tradition, the temple's doors are opened after a member of the Arasu family slits the plantain stem. Unlike other temples, the Hasanamba temple is open only once in a year. For the remaining year, the temple is locked up and is restricted to the devotees. On the first day, the temple is not open for devotees. 
  • For the rest of the year, the goddess is left with a lit lamp, water and also two bags of rice for the next whole year. It is believed that the lamp burns for the whole year and never goes off. Even the rice offered to the deity would remain unspoiled when the doors are open. Perceived to be the ever-smiling goddess, the Hasanamba is worshipped for being benevolent.
  • Legend has it that Hasanamba goddess turned a mother-in-law into a stone who used to torture her devotee. The stone is in front of the goddess, and it is believed that the stone moves an inch every year and when it reaches the lotus feet of Hasanamba, the Kaliyuga will end. The goddess has also turned four thieves who had come to rob the goddess jewels into stone. These four stones can be still seen in Kallappa Gudi.
  • Deve Gowda's family, Hassan's powerful political family, offers prayers to the temple every year. They never miss an opportunity to visit the temple during diwali celebrations. Devotees spend day and night to catch the glimpse of the deity.