Masood Riaz, a small-time businessman from Kaval Byrasandra in Bengaluru North, married Haseen Taj in 1999 and had three children with her. 

Like any good husband, he always ensured there were no discomforts to her and fulfilled her needs. Thanks to his routine of coming home for lunch and returning home early in the evening, Haseen Taj trusted him completely. He did not even have any bad habits.

But last month, Riaz's luck ran out when he took his neighbor, who stays close by, to a restaurant. As it turns out his son spotted him, holding hands with the woman. This was enough for Taj to counter Riaz and after a day of confrontation and quarrel, Riaz spilt the beans.

Riaz confessed to having begun the affair when his wife went to her mother's home during her second delivery. And he even had four children with the other woman! 

"I managed both the women well. Now I am ready to take care both of them, but my wife is not agreeing," said Riaz. Lashing out at Riaz for cheating, Taj spoke to women's help line center officials and said that her children were very much embarrassed by his cheating act. 

"The area has come to know about the affair. The second wife also has four children, this is very shocking," said Taj.

Iqbal Ahmed, Senior Counsellor at the Vanitha Sahaya Vani, says that this act can attract a jail term and the second wife will not be able to get any single paisa from his earnings. 

For now, Riaz has lost his 'first wife', but he has agreed to pay a monthly maintenance and take responsibility for her children.
"From the help line centre, we have given an option to his first wife to decide on the matter. If she wants, we can file a polygamy and cheating case. But her children will suffer," the Counsellor explained.