In a spine-chilling incident in a government school in Shambaiahnapalya near Magadi, several students were panic-stricken as they saw their teacher being burnt alive in front of their eyes. According to several media reports, the social science teacher- 50-year-old Sunanda- was set ablaze by her distraught husband over some financial dispute. 

According to a report by the Hindu, Renukananda, her husband walked into the school and sought the permission of the headmaster to speak to his wife. He also said that she had Chikungunya and that he wishes to take her to hospital. Renukananda then allegedly barged into the room where she was teaching and asked the students to leave immediately. As the students were hustled to the next room, they saw a brutal tale of hatred unfold in front of their eyes. As she was attacked with kerosene and a match stick, she raised an alarm, which alerted the headmaster and other teaching staff. They rushed to the classroom only to find her engulfed in fire. They then doused the fire with a table cloth.

Speaking to the Times of India, one of the students said, "Around 2 pm, a man entered the classroom and shouted at the teacher, and they argued for a while. The teacher asked him to leave the room. He opened a bottle and poured some liquid on her. He struck a match and set her on fire. We were helpless and screamed."

Headmaster M.Shivanna, meanwhile, was heard saying, "The moment I heard her screams, I ran out of my classroom and saw Renukananda running from the school towards his parked car. I entered the classroom and saw Ms. Sunanda engulfed in flames." Sunanda is now being treated for 40% burn injury. The headmaster too is being treated for burns in his hands. According to police reports, Renukananda was Sunanda's second husband. He was demanding money from her to start a business. However, she refused to do so and handed the money to her son from her first husband. This, reportedly, agitated Renukananda.