“BJP is demanding Minister George’s resignation with the wishful thinking that it will benefit them politically. In that illusion, BJP is playing a drama. I will not be cowed down by such drama. Get on to the field, come out in the open, let’s see what happens,” was how Chief Minister Siddaramaiah challenged the BJP. He was speaking when BJP continued to stall the proceedings of the Assembly at Belagavi winter session, reports Kannada Prabha.

BJP also knows the truth about the incident. But keeping only the election as target creating such a ruckus will not beget any political benefit. That is why their seat has dwindled from hundreds to mere 40, Siddaramaiah criticised.

Targeting Eshwarappa, he said “You keep issuing press statements that Ganapathy’is death evidences are being destroyed. That will not be an evidence at court. Instead if you have any evidence or documents regarding Ganapathy’s suicide, please submit it to CBI and strengthen the investigation. Instead of that you are politicising the issue here," CM said.

After handing over the investigation of Ganapathy’s suicide to CID, though George was told not to resign but still he went ahead and resigned setting a good example. There are FIRs registered against 24 Centre ministers. Let them all follow the example set by George and resign. Let BJP get all their resignations, he argued.

The Ganapathy suicide incident was handed over to CID the very next day of his death. George’s name was not mentioned by the CID. Neither the High Court mentioned his name. Now even Supreme Court has not mentioned George’s name. Hence, there is no need for George to submit his resignation. "There is no need for us to destroy evidence. We respect the law of the land and Constitution. Do not unnecessarily politicise the issue," he stated.

"There are many against whom FIRs are lodged. They are Ministers and none of them have resigned. Remember that. FIR is only an allegation. If proven George will resign. CBI has not lodged a new complaint against George. It is only a continuation of old complaint. SC has not mentioned that CID’s 'B' Report does not mention George, Siddaramaiah retorted. 

Meanwhile, Urban Development Minister KJ George said he is also eager to see the CBI report. Responding to BJP’s demand for his resignation, George said "BJP says it has evidences. Let them give all evidences to CBI and strengthen the investigation. No court has stated that I am guilty, including the Supreme Court. BJP is accusing me. This is only an assembly and not court," he said. The SC has given three months’ time for the CID for submitting its report. Wait patiently till then. "Have faith in your own CBI," he said.