Seemingly not impressed by Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy's statements on the status of Gauri Lankesh murder probe that "We know who did it," family members of the slain journalist have set a deadline of December 5 for Special Investigation Team (SIT) to nab Gauri's killers.

On December 5, Gauri's family members will decide if the case needs to be probed by a different agency, said Kavitha Lankesh while speaking to newspersons. Lauding the efforts of the SIT officials in their pursuit, Kavitha said "It is not that we are unhappy with the way the case is being investigated. But there is no outcome, which matters the most," reports The New Indian Express quoting Kavitha Lankesh.



It has been more than two months since Gauri was shot dead at her residence, but so far, no arrests have been made. The SIT officials visit the family to share or inform the status of the probe, it is reported.

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy had claimed that "We have identified Gauri's killers, but the SIT is gathering evidence for it." While these statements have cleverly avoided any criticisms on the delay on the part of the investigation team, the family is not ready to wait for any more. Interestingly, the SIT has remained tight-lipped about the 'developments' in the case, except releasing the sketches of three suspects.



It is reported that the SIT comprises one IGP rank officer, three SP rank officers, four ACPs, 12 inspectors and 50 officials from the State intelligence wing.

It may be recalled here that despite scanning Gauri's call records - of 18 days - there has been no lead so far. Besides, the team travelled to various districts but in vain. It is reported that the team is taking help from some retired officials with good investigative skills.