Gauri Lankesh killing: Police get heavy dosage of citizen investigation

gauri lankesh killing police seek help from public

  • It has been five days since the journalist was shot dead but the police have found no clues, so far
  • The police had sought information from the public to help them in investigation
  • But the callers are more interested in how the investigation is progressing, sometimes offering their suggestions too
  • The State government has announced Rs 10 lakh for those who share information on the murder

The phone lines of Bengaluru police have been ringing off the hook ever since the police appealed to the citizens to share any information on Gauri Lankesh killing.

Journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh was gunned down by miscreants at her house in Rajajareshwari Nagar on September 5. Even after five days of the chilling murder, the police are still groping in the dark. However, With no leads so far and even CCTV footage too not coming to the police's rescue, the state government was forced announce Rs 10 lakh award on those who part with information on the journalist's murder. Soon, the police released a handout detailing the contact number ( 9480800202) and even the e-mail ID ( for the "informers" to get in touch with.



But what could have been an attempt to find a lead in the sensational case has turned out to be a sort of a headache for the Bengaluru police. For, it has come to light now that most of the callers have turned into citizen investigators! No, there is no role as such. But the way the public has taken the case upon themselves that they have been bombarding the police with their suggestions on the investigation, it appears that people have turned to investigators.

Most of the callers are interested to know how far the police have reached in their probe, whether they have got any clues. Some of them are even giving lessons to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on how to go about the case, reports Suvarna News. The SIT was formed by the state government exclusively to probe the Gauri Lankesh killing. But when the police ask the callers if they have any information about the murder, the caller simply disconnects the line.

The police who are already under severe pressure to crack the case soon are finding themselves in a fix, now. They are neither in a position to avoid these "annoying" calls nor entertain them. But they hope that the citizens would understand their precious time and help them with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police who are finding no headway into the Gauri Lankesh killing are reportedly recreating the footage obtained from the Gauri's residence. Since the killers were wearing helmets and pounced on her in the dark - as recorded in the CCTV - the police have now resorted to recreating the whole scene to find some clue.