The recent update on Indiranagar residents' protest at 100 ft road against the roof-top bars brings back memories of many such processions in the past. Not that the residents are against the development of the area, but they demand a clean and peaceful environment in which they can lead a normal life. While that was the case a few year ago, things have become murkier now, so much so that the residents have upped protests against the blatant commercialization of the area. 

All the 63 bars in the area have similar issues, rue the residents living nearby. Here are the reasons why the residents have come together for the sixth time to protest the open-air terrace bars in Indiranagar:

  • Building norms have been violated. Footpaths have become valet parking and there is no room for anyone to walk. No parking signs in front of houses are not taken seriously and the moment house owners complain, the cars are removed to some other person's front yard. 
  • Late night parties have become a hub of drug and prostitution, which is ruining the environment of the area. Some residents complain that the law and order situation sometimes spirals out of control.
  • The microbreweries are all reported to be illegal, but the BBMP authorities seem to have given residents a cold shoulder. Most pf them do not even have the permission of the excise and revenues department.
  • Loud music beyond 1 am leaves the residents sleepless. Even when the music is stopped, people commuting in the area in their bikes and four-wheelers create a lot of disturbance. 
  • The hospitals in Indiranagar have to bear the brunt of people rejoicing in the rooftop bars. There have been reports of patients complaining of sleepless nights because of loud music in these bars.

Indiranagar residents are reported to have filed more than 281 RTIs to the Bangalore Development Authority and the BBMP. But, none of the government agencies have taken any strong measure to stop the menace.