The North Karnataka is facing a terrible drought, and there is no water nor fodder to feed the cows. Especially at Navalagund’s Shirror, Ayatti, Gummagola, Moraba, Hanasi, Javoora, Alagavadi and Torlapura villages, farmers have to travel 40 km to get fodder from the fodder bank.


Farmers end up paying for the travel more than the fodder. At a time when they have incurred losses and no agricultural activities due to drought, they cannot afford to spend money on this.


These regions have not received rains for at least three years and there is no food for the families too. Thus, with no other choice left, farmers are selling the cows to the slaughterhouses.


But no gaurakshak or protectors of cows are speaking about it or is anyone coming to the help of these farmers to save the cows.