Family killed by a power cut. You read that right!

First Published 28, Dec 2017, 12:15 PM IST
Family killed by a power cut You read that right
  • In a horrific incident, a family of three died after a power cut
  • The family of three were burnt to death after a candle they lit during a power cut set the home on fire
  • The couple was charred beyond recognition while their daughter died on the way to hospital

In a horrific incident that occurred in Tin Factory, Bengaluru, a family of three died after a power cut. The couple, Santosh (35) and Sophia (30), and their daughter, Flora (6) were burnt to death on Wednesday after the candle they lit during a power cut set the home on fire.

Bangalore Mirror quoted the police saying that the couple, along with their daughter, was sleeping in the house on the ground floor of a residential building in Udayanagar of Kaveri Street near Tin Factory. 

In the early hours of Wednesday, there was a power cut in the area. Sophia must have woken up in between and lit a candle on the table in the room and home to sleep. The candle could have fallen on the pillow which caught fire and later spread to the bed and blanket. Maybe they could not react as they were in deep slumber or had passed out due to the noxious fumes. Soon the fire spread to the entire bed,” said a policeman to Bangalore Mirror.

At 6 in the morning, the family's neighbours noticed smoke and alerted the fire department. Mahadevpura police were also alerted. Fire officials soon came, broke open the house only to find the couple dead. The two were charred beyond recognition.

Flora, who was sleeping in a corner, sustained more than 70 percent burns on her body. The child was still alive when the officials entered the home. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was declared brought dead. 

The home was completely destroyed, but the fire department personnel were able to douse the fire before it spread to the other houses.