Diwali unites the family in celebration, everywhere. But the festival brings a sense of loss and melancholy in Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy's residence. While his friends and neighbours celebrate the festival of lights and distribute sweets, the mood is not similar at Reddy's residence.

Exactly 17 years ago, minister Ramalinga Reddy had lost his father to firecrackers and till date, the family does not celebrate Diwali.

Recalling his Diwali days with his parents, Ramalinga Reddy told Suvarna News that his father died due to firecrackers during Diwali celebration, some years ago. Hence, to this day, his family does not celebrate the festival.



Going down memory lane, Reddy told Suvarna News that his family would bring a lot of firecrackers to celebrate the three-day festival. "While the children were given only the smaller (less impactful) firecrackers, the big ones were meant for the elder ones. My father had the habit of taking those loud fire-crackers to our farmhouse to scare away monkeys and also to distribute among the workers' families in the farm."

On that ill-fated night, his father had collected all the big fire-crackers and kept them in one room to be taken to the farm, next day. "In the night, he had gone out to smoke, and without his knowledge, he threw the cigarette butt where he had stored the firecrackers in a room. "That was the tragedy that our family did not expect. Celebrations turned into mourning," Reddy told the news channel.



Reddy appealed to the citizens to be careful while bursting crackers. The city is already congested, and there is no enough to burst firecrackers. "Children should be guided by their parents. It is better to say no to firecrackers as the city is already choked with pollution," Reddy said.

It is reported that at least 11 children suffered injuries due to firecrackers in Bengaluru on Thursday.