The grand old party hopes to be 'young' by the upcoming elections next year. In that spirit, sources say the Congress party has decided to elevate former minister and Karnataka leader Dinesh Gundu Rao as National General Secretary.

Factors that seem to have gone in Dinesh Gundu Rao's favour include the fact that he is already a working President and his closeness to the Rahul Gandhi camp. Although he may deny any such elevation, the party will soon announce his bigger role. 

"The party wants young leaders who can articulate well and are also vocal. Leaders who have strong knowledge of local languages, English and also Hindi are being pushed into coveted posts at the national level. This exercise is to build the future Congress," said source from the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC).

Along with Dinesh Gundu Rao, Agriculture Minister Krishna Byregowda is another leader from Karnataka who will be elevated as either secretary or general secretary of any of the wings in the Congress. 

"Both the leaders are in their mid-40s and can appeal to urban voters. Hence the party has started doing this exercise for the long term," said another leader of the Congress.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Dinesh Gundu Rao categorically denied any such elevation and said," The decision to elevate or to give a particular role to leaders is decided by party high command. If such a position is given, I will work hard and deliver,"