In the heat of victory over BJP in Gujarat, the Congress is gearing up for Quit BJP movement at the national level and it will be flagged off by Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi at a rally organised at Raichuru on Aug 12 and at the National College grounds on Aug 16, reported Kannada Prabha.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and KPCC president Dr G Parameshwar announced this at a press meet on Wednesday.  Not only in the State but at national level also BJP must be brought down and Congress must come to power again in the coming months. Hence the Quit BJP movement is being launched in the State, said CM.

Rahul Gandhi is coming to Raichuru on Aug 12 th to launch the Quit BJP movement in the presence of 2 lakh Congress Party workers. He will launch it in Bengaluru on Aug 16 in the presence of 50,000 Party workers said Siddaramaiah. The announcement was made at the 75th anniversary commemoration program of Quit India movement, organized by KPCC at the Freedom Park on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion Siddaramaiah said the social justice and democracy have taken a beating due to BJP, RSS and Bajrang Dal activities. Congress has a major responsibility of curtailing it.  For Congress to tackle it efficiently people must support Congress yet again. Every worker of the Party must take an oath to prevent BJP from coming to power in the country, he said.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is arriving at Raichuru on Aug 12, and to Bengaluru on Aug 16. The Chief Minister gave a call to assemble 2 lakh Party workers in Raichuru and 50,000 in Bengaluru to launch the Quit BJP movement. He mentioned the Congress Walk that the Party undertook 5 years ago which resulted in the people of the State electing it with a clear majority. He stated that the downfall of BJP started on that day.

The anti people policies of the Central Government will result in BJP seeing the same fate as it has seen in the State.  Hence, it is time for Congress to embark on a Quit BJP movement to drive away BJP, he said. He appealed to the people to bring the Party again to power in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and at the 2018 Vidhana Sabha elections.

KPCC president Dr G Parameshwar said the youth must be informed about the Freedom Movement. BJP and RSS leaders have no knowledge of the background of Freedom Struggle, they are not aware of what sacrifice means he said.