Actor-turned Karnataka Prajnavanthara Janatha Party (KPJP) chief Upendra jus launched his party on October 31 and is already facing two complaints against him.

As the actor aims at doing something other than politics, his party (KPJP) cannot be called as a political venture. However, the inauguration of the party itself is the reason behind a complaint being registered against him.

NP Amruthesh, an advocate, has filed a complaint against Upendra in two different cases. The first complaint was filed for launching the party at Gandhi Bhavan in Bengaluru.

According to the rules of Gandhi Bhavan, the place must be utilised only for programmes related to Gandhism, symposiums, seminars and debates. Conducting political meetings are strictly prohibited. Thus launching a party is against the rules of the Bhavan, says the complaint filed by advocate Amruthesh.

Will Upendra bring up the point that he is not in politics and has never uttered that he was joining politics? Can he prove that KPJP is not a political entity?

Another complaint also has been filed by Advocate Amruthesh regarding Upendra's statement on the vote for a bribe. During the launching of the party, Upendra had said that receiving money to caste vote is not wrong as it was public money distributed between the people.

This was not received well by the advocate who has filed a complaint that Upendra is trying to set a wrong example by stating that there is nothing wrong in politicians bribing people. Upendra has so far not commented on the issue.

NP Amrutesh is an advocate and a trade union activist and chairman of the employees’ union of Cauvery Handicrafts. The union of Handicrafts was in the news for a cash-for-job scam, and Amruthesh had exposed the scam.

This incident can help understand Amruthesh better. During the meeting of the Nyayamitra Co-operative Bank, he had come barefoot and announced that he would not wear footwear for a month. This decision was taken by him following the comment of a member of the co-operative bank about the casual dress and hawai slipper he was wearing during the previous meeting.

It looks like advocate Amruthesh is one of the characters Upendra has played in movies, in real life.