Though it has been nearly six months since the new Rs 2000 note has been released, it seems like the desire to make a deal continues to blind many of Bengaluru's residents. In case that has become all too common, a city-based jeweller recently sold 1 kg of gold for Rs 33 lakh in cash, only to discover, on closer inspection later, that the notes were all simple colour xeroxes of the original. 

According to a report in Deccan Herald, Dinesh Kumar received a call from an unidentified man, who claimed to be a friend of his brother. The man stated that he wished to buy gold in bulk for Akshaya Tritiya. The two spoke and arrived a deal to sell 1 kg of gold for Rs 33 lakh. The story takes a strange turn at this point. 

Mr Kumar, as he told the police later, agreed to meet the unknown man at Shikshkara Sadana on Kempegowda Road at 11 pm on Monday. The original plan was to meet in Mr Kumar's jewellery shop in Nagarathpet Road. But for whatever reason Mr Kumar agreed to the mysterious change in plans. 

The two men met, exchanged bags, inspected the contents and parted ways after a short meeting. However, once Mr Kumar came back to his shop and inspected the notes, he realised to his shock that they were colour photocopies of Rs 2000 notes. He then filed a complaint in the Halasuru Gate police station. 

It seems that once more the obvious warning has to be made - ensure the colourful Rs 2000 notes are real and not photocopies, before completing the transaction.