Central Crime Branch (CCB) Cops in Bengaluru are now planning to acquire taser guns to overpower Nigerian drug peddlers, especially, during the narcotic raids that they conduct on the drug gangs in and around the city.


These taser guns can stun and immobilize a suspect through an electric current passed through its electrodes. These guns are extremely expensive as they can cost up to ₹ 1 lakh per unit. CCB however, does not have them but they are planning to equip their officers with these highly-effective taser guns.


“We have decided to send a proposal seeking taser guns which will be used in these anti-drug operations. It will be handy for our personnel as often we find some of these suspects to be highly abrasive leading to unwarranted tension. But we will not be using it indiscriminately,” said S Ravi, additional commissioner of police (Crime), Bengaluru was quoted as saying by Bangalore Mirror.


Why Nigerians?


This is because CCB has stated that during these raids, Nigerians peddlers are the only gang members who tend to act abrasive and vehemently resist arrest. They also refuse to share information and co-operate with the investigating officers. Most of these peddlers have also said that they do not understand English.


“We find it very difficult to pacify and bring them – both male and female suspects -- under control. Apart from physical resistance, sometimes they are also under the influence of alcohol or narcotics making it even more difficult to make a peaceful arrest,” a senior CCB official added.


Meanwhile, Delhi Police have already equipped themselves with these taser guns. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Goa Police are also following them.