The RTE seats allotted to private schools by the government should be cancelled, instead the funds should be utilised to develop government schools urged Prof Siddaramaiah,  chairman of Kannada Development Authority, reported Kannada Prabha.

Speaking after inaugurating a 2 day convention of First State Level Community Education organised by the Karnataka State School Development and Supervision Committee coordination committee at the Shikshakara Sadana in the City.  Prof Siddaramaiah said RTE is actually detrimental to government schools as it actually amounts to the government supporting private schools. Continuing this will result in losing out regional language in the next 10 to 15 years. 

The diversity and multi language will disappear and result in mono culture and mono language. The Education Department plays an important role in teaching State language. Kannada should be taught at primary level. Action should be taken against the private schools that are challenging the State Government’s compulsory Kannada teaching.  A survey should be conducted about teaching Kannada at ICSE and CBSE schools and report should be submitted within 3 months, he instructed.

There is a lack of willingness among government officials to implement the government order.  It was in 2015 that the State Government passed an order making Kannada compulsory at private level.  In Tamil Nadu Tamil is the first language since 10 years. If TN can accomplish it why not Karnataka he asked.

Minister Tanveer Sait said the government is planning to set up pre-primary schools and there is confusion with regard to medium of instruction, should it be Kannada or English.  A decision will be taken after discussions he said.

The government is providing one set of uniforms to all government school students through SDMC. For the second set Rs 200 is being given. From next year it will be increased to Rs 300, he assured.