Taking objection to the State government's silence over the alleged irregularities by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) promoters of Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project, the Opposition parties have demanded the State government to take action against the Nandi.

The legislative committee had submitted its report - on the irregularities by the NICE - one year ago. But the State government has not initiated any action against the Nandi, argued the Opposition parties. JD(S) State president HD Kumaraswamy urged the government to introduce a bill to take over the the Nandi. This was supported by BJP and some Congress members too. Minister HK Patil responded to this stating that the members have mentioned serious issue, the available information is inadequate, hence requested time till Thursday for the government to reply, reports Kannada Prabha.

During the debate hour, HD Kumaraswamy spoke about the issue and said it is one year since the legislative committee headed by Law Minister TB Jayachandra submitted its report that has proved the misappropriation by the NICE. But the State government has not informed the assembly what action it has taken and kept the assembly in the dark. Though the misappropriation is proved, the government is saying it will take time to answer. That gives an opportunity to suspect if the chief minister has vested interest in this, asked Kumaraswamy.

The framework agreement of the project has been violated. The government officers have profited the company and have become directors in the company. The company’s promoter is a member of the legislative assembly and is trying to influence. The company is trying to sell land acquired from farmers for crores. The government must get set to table a bill to cancel the BMIC contract, he demanded.

JD(S) MLA MK Shivalingegowda said the members of the legislative committee have prepared the report with much efforts and non-cooperation by the government officials. The Law Minister, who is the president of the committee, himself struggled hard to get documents.  After so much hard work, the report was submitted but even after one year action has not been taken. "Hence the public is suspecting us. The government must take cation in this regard," he insisted.

'High-level government officials and some politicians have destroyed documents to help the company. Besides, the company has installed 15 crushers and is trading in Jalli. The legislative committee has recommended a fine of Rs 700 crore for this. All that must be implemented," he demanded.

Congress’ ST Somashekhar also urged the government to cancel NICE contract and file criminal cases against the officials and politicians who are part of the scam. MLA KS Puttannaiah of Sarvodaya Paksha said in the feud between government and the company, the farmers have been made the scapegoat.

JD(S) MLA YSV Datta said the State government has stated in an affidavit submitted to Supreme Court that there is a misappropriation of funds to the tune of Rs 30,000 crore in BMIC. Hence the bill must be presented to cancel the contract, without any excuses, he demanded.