The Karnataka government is contemplating on increasing bus fares to the tune of 18 %. Transport Minister DC Thammanna said that the Karnataka State Road Transport has incurred a loss of Rs 186 crore and there is a recommendation of increasing 18% fares to make up.

Speaking to media persons, minister DC Thammanna said that though the transport organisation was running in loss, he was waiting for the diesel prices to drop as price hike would affect the people travelling in bus daily. But currently, even the diesel prices have shot up, making it necessary to consider the recommendation, he said.

Speaking about traffic issues, he said that action is being taken to control traffic. No new buses will be purchased, but the department will try to provide more number of buses at places home to a large number of commuters.

As Ganesh Chaturthi festival is nearing, Thammanna said that measures will be taken to control the additional charges for travelling to distant places during the festival season.

But the petrol, diesel prices have been sky rocketing. The prices are continuously on the rise in these five days. Same is the case with diesel, making travelling dearer for the commuters.

Rise in bus fare will sure be a burden to the common people, travelling every day.