A 23-year-old woman, engaged to be married to a man her parents had fixed, revealed she was already married to another man and showed the wedding photographs at the Henna ceremony at Sakaleshpur, reported Kannada Prabha.

 Ashvini (23), of Hadlahalli village, Sakaleshpura had kept her wedding a secret even from her parents. She went ahead with the engagement and on Sunday at Shanivarasanthe Venkateshwara Kalyana Mantapa, in Kodagu, during the Henna ceremony she revealed she had married another man. The marriage got cancelled and each party lost upto Rs 20 lakhs each.

Ashvini, an MBA, was working with a software company in Bengaluru. She and Veetarag Jain (24) from Indore, her colleague fell in love and got married at the Arya Samaj.  He parents came to know of it and immediately arranged her marriage with Balasubrahmanya of Shanivarasanthe, a civil engineer working with a private company at Bengaluru.

Ashvini did not reveal her marriage but participated in the Henna ceremony but she asked Veetarag to send their wedding photos to the groom Balasubrahmanya. After seeing the photos the groom and his family were shocked and cancelled the wedding.