The Mangaluru Chalo, a bike rally organised by the BJP Yuva Morcha saw some heated exchange of words with the Bengaluru police who tried to stop them from holding the rally. The BJP leaders sat on the road to condemn the police action and raised slogans against the Congress government.

Member of Parliament from Mysuru-Madikeri, Pratap Simha dared the police in mufti to touch him. "Dare you to touch me. Things would not be fine if you touch me. Do you think only you know the law?," dared MP Simha.

"Is Siddaramaiah afraid of just one bike rally? Why are they using the police force on protesting BJP leaders," he asked. He condemned the police for stopping them from holding the rally. "Don't we have the right to protest? How can you arrest us without a warrant? We will not be bogged down by such powers. At any cost, we will reach Mangaluru and hold the rally," MP Simha said. He was joined by former deputy chief minister R Ashok in condemning the Siddaramaiah government for restricting their bike rally.

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When media persons questioned Ashok that there were intelligence reports that their rally could incite tension, the BJP leader shot back, where was the intelligence department when 24 Hindu leaders were murdered. "We have every right to protest, and the Siddaramaiah government should be ashamed of curbing our right to protest," Ashok said. He further said that the BJP workers are protesting in peace. "If the police arrest us, I will file a complaint against them," he said.

The police lifted them and packed them off from the Freedom Park in a bus.