BJP is contemplating on making 20 seers and RSS leaders contest the next Assembly elections in Karnataka, said sources.


A discussion to this effect was held during the RSS meet, and the party is leaving no stone unturned to identify and gather seers who are staunch practitioners of Hinduism and who can make an impact on people in this regard.


To start with, in Karnataka, they are searching for candidates who can be MLAs and try to implement the Uttar Pradesh model in the next election


There are talks about fielding the seers and Hinduism practitioners from 51 reserved seats. BJP is eyeing at Siddaramaiah’s Ahinda constituencies. Their argument is that seers are not married, they do not have a family. This makes them easy to take strong decisions within no time. Thus Hindutva can be brought in India with greater effect, sources said.


Thus it is a matter of concern that BJP is trying to bring in Uttar Pradesh-like model in Karnataka. But the same format might not work here. Still, the leadership is all set to try this model to win next assembly elections.


-With inputs from Kannada Prabha