Bhaskar Shetty murder case: Supreme Court denies bail to Rajeshwari Shetty

karnataka | Saturday, August 12th, 2017
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  • Rajeshwari Shetty has been accused of murdering husband Bhaskar Shetty in the most barbaric way
  • Her son Navneet Shetty, alleged paramour Niranjan Bhat had allegedly aided her in committing the crime
  • Bhaskar Shetty was assaulted and his body was burnt in ritual fire to destroy evidence

Rajeshwari Shetty, accused of murdering her husband Bhaskar Shetty in the most horrific way, has been denied bail by the Supreme Court on Friday. Rajeshwari had allegedly burnt his body in a 'havan kunda' after attacking him with a pepper spray.

Rajeshwari had pleaded the court to grant her bail reasoning that she was a woman languishing in jail and also she was in great distress since people were taking away her property. However, Justices SA Bobde and L Naeswara who heard the bail plea, turned down her request.

It may be recalled here that Rajeshwari Shetty along with her son Navneet Shetty and priest Niranjan Bhat had allegedly killed entrepreneur Bhaskar Shetty and burnt his body in the 'havan kunda' at Nandalike near Udupi. In an attempt to destroy the evidence, they had thrown the ashes and bones in a river nearby. However that is what led to clues to the murder of Bhaskar Shetty who had gone missing.

Senior advocate Basava Prabhu Patil, arguing for Rajeshwari, submitted in the court that she has been in the custody since August last year. The investigation with regard to her was over as the charge sheet has been filed. He also told the court that if sent on bail, his client would stay away from Udupi district and remain either in Bengaluru or Mumbai, reports Deccan Herald.

However, advocate Joseph Aristotle arguing for Karnataka police countered saying this was an "extraordinary" case of "cold-blooded and barbaric" murder of a man by his own wife. The prosecution has also claimed that Rajeshwari allegedly had an illicit affair with Niranjan Bhat.

"Our fear is that she may tamper with evidence as most of the witnesses in the case are close relatives. The case is based on circumstantial evidence and further probe is on, as her paramour Bhat has recently been arrested," reports Deccan Herald quoting advocate Aristotle.

The murder of Bhaskar Shetty was one of most sensational murders to be reported from Udupi district. It is alleged that Rajeshwari along with her son Navneet and priest Niranjan Bhat assaulted Bhaskar Shetty with a rod. Later, they allegedly poisoned him and they burnt his body in the ritual fire and threw the bones and body parts in the river in July, last year.

It is alleged that Shetty suspected Rajeshwari's fidelity. This led to frequent fights between the couple. His murder came to light after the police began to work on Gulabi Shetty's missing complaint. Gulabi Shetty, mother of Bhaskar Shetty, had complained to the police that his son had gone missing.

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