The Bengaluru Traffic Police has taken a determined measure to curb the number of traffic violations in the city. In fact, an average of 1700 cases of violations have been recorded on a daily basis. In a twitter post dated March 20, the DCP Traffic East mentioned that 228 cabs were seized and approximately 2000 cab drivers were booked for not wearing uniforms and for using mobile phones while driving. 

But, how did they do that when most of the signals in the city are found unmanned? BTP gives a rather elaborate answer through their Twitter post, which shows a video demonstration of a 24x7 surveillance camera and the way it is monitored round the clock. One can see the cameras zoom in clearly on the number plates of cars and two wheelers that have violated the traffic signal. 

The BTP is said to have installed close to 425 cameras at all the major signals. The cameras collect real-time videos from the specified locations by using the Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera system and transfer the information to the Traffic Control Center through a IP network. Needless to say, the system comprises of outstation equipment installed at the various location in Bengaluru city and complementing equipment at the Traffic Management Centre.

Evidently, these cameras are extremely powerful and can pan and zoom from a significant distance. So, beware drivers! Even if you do not see a policeman at the signal, there is still someone watching you.