Observing lack of evidence to convict Pascal in the case, the court cleared him of rape charges.


It may be recalled here that in June 2012, Suja Jones had filed rape case against her husband and French dilomat Pascal at High Grounds police station. She alleged in her complaint that Pascal had repeatedly sexually assaulted their three-year-old daughter.


The sensational case had media attention after reports emerged that the police had botched up the DNA samples taken from Baptist Hospital and Bowring Hospital. It was alleged that the DNA samples did not match Pascal's and victim child's either suggesting that the samples may have been messed up. The alleged botched up incident was widely criticised as this could have provided a crucial evidence in the case.


Soon after the verdict, Pascal said "I'm very happy with the verdict. I'm a loving father and looking forward to meet my children in France.” However, Pascal's wife Suja Jones Mazurier, a native of Kerala said she will appeal against the verdict.