BBMP dog scam: Palike faked bills worth crores in the name of controlling 'dog menace'

First Published 9, Oct 2017, 12:17 PM IST
BBMP dog scam Palike faked bills worth crores in the name of controlling dog menace
  • BBMP makes money in the name of street dogs,looks like there is no respite for Bengalureans from dog bite
  • The NGO attached to BBMP is not interested in taking any measures in sterilising the dogs
  • BBMP claims it spent Rs 31.76 crore in sterilising dogs, but the canine number is just growing in the City

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)has been accused of a multi-crore dog scam. The reality check by Suvarna News has claimed that BBMP has cheated the government of crores of funds in the name of dog management.

According to the records of BBMP from 2000-2001 to 2017-2018 May, a total of 5,92,144 dogs have been sterilised. The Palike has spent a whopping sum of Rs 31.76 crore for this.

But in reality, over past decades the number of street dogs is growing, and it does not look like there is any action taken to control the canine population.

When Suvarna News approached the NGO attached with BBMP to catch dogs and sterilise them, there was a negative response. The persons concerned were not ready to come to the spot. The channel made a number of calls to the West and South Bengaluru asking for help to control the dog menace. Surprisingly no one turned up and gave an irresponsible answer.

When contacted the Mayor in this regard, he told, "We have spoken to the authorities regarding the dog menace. I have asked them to submit a report. This issue will be taken up for discussion in the meeting."

It can be remembered that recently, a group of dogs had attacked a woman at MS Ramaiah Hospital road. Many such incidents have been reported, especially of children being attacked by dogs on the road.

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In another shocking revelation, in June a mass grace of at least 30 dogs was found at Anjana Nagar in Bengaluru. In a report in Bangalore Mirror, it was reported "Most of the dogs buried in the pit seem very healthy. They might have been killed... No NGO or lone person can resort to such a massacre."

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Thus, it is clear that the NGOs who are supposed to take care of the dogs and see to it that the number of street dogs is kept under control is not doing their job seriously. However, it is the failure of BBMP because the money to these NGOs goes through BBMP. Either the Palike is not keeping track of money, or the NGOs are not being paid.

Whatever the case is, at last Bengalureans are the ones suffering. Action should be taken, and those who have taken the money and never worked for it should be brought to book.