The teachers of Baldwin Girls High School at Richmond Town staged a protest and walked out of class demanding resignation of the principal, alleging harassment, reported Kannada Prabha.

Teachers complained that the principal Saloni Rajaratnam detains the teachers much beyond their working hours without any reason, makes them wait for hours after class hours, forces them to recheck work already completed and abuses them using foul language.

The school Board of Administration representatives immediately attended to the issue and assured the teachers that as the school head is not in station, it will be resorted after the person returns. The striking teachers then warned that if the issue is not resolved early they would submit mass resignation.

According to sources the principal summons teachers and makes them stand for hours asking questions. Recently a teacher fainted unable to stand so long and was treated at a hospital nearby. The principal also compulsorily makes the teachers stay back after school hours. The teachers were supported by the students of both Baldwin Girls School and the Boys Schools.