BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa has been advised by his close associates that present legislative council members must not be given ticket to contest the forthcoming assembly elections. This has caused certain anxiety among the ticket aspirants. It is also said that such a rumour has been spread targeting S Eshwarappa and V Somanna, who are both MLCs, reported Kannada Prabha.

The BJP high command has already conveyed a message to State BJP leaders that except BS Yeddyurappa, who is the State President, no other MP will be given ticket. In the event of extreme inevitability, based on caste calculation Sriramulu, Ballari MP, will be given ticket. That will be clear only as the elections approach. The rest of the MPs will not be given ticket is the BJP high command’s clear instructions.

Based on this, the rumour was started by close associates of Yeddyurappa that the same principle will be applied to MLCs also. It is to waited and watched if it turns out to true. There are 23 MLCs from BJP currently but only Eshwarappa and Somanna  have shown inclination towards contesting for assembly elections. 

The reason being they both had entered the council after their defeat at assembly elections, they were sent to Council to keep their political career to be intact.

MLCs contesting assembly elections is not a personal loss. If victorious they become MLAs if not they will continue to be MLCs. However, if they win, the loss to the Party cannot be ignored, because that will warrant by-election which is another risk.  

However, the primary intention here seems like preventing Eshwarappa and Somanna to enter assembly. During the previous elections Eshwarappa had contested from Shivamogga constituency and Somanna from Govindarajanagara constituency and both had lost. Hence Yeddyurappa’s close associates are arguing that in this elections too they will not win. Hence new faces must be introduced.